Land Size

2.67 acres

Public Transportation

5 mins walk to Tuscany Bus stop
5 mins drive to Tuscany LRT

Floor Space

3811.23 sqft

Property Features

Tennis Cort
Movie Theatre
X-Large Infrared Sauna
Large Recreational Area
Air Conditioning

Annual Property Taxes



5 + 1 Bedrooms
5 Bathrooms
3 Fireplaces

Exterior and Outdoor Area

Luxury Homes Calgary: Blueridge Estates

Calgary is home to many beautiful homes and there is no doubt about it. But there is just something about this particular home that we will be showing you that makes it stand out. In Canada, If you search for homes for sale, Calgary is usually the one that pops up on top of the list—meaning the competition in the real estate market is quite fierce.
And this home luxury home is ready to compete with every house for sale in Calgary and the entire Canadian housing market. Your home Calgary search might even come to an end as you fall in love with the luxury home.

What will you fall in love with? It might be the large almost 6,000 sq ft building area, the acres of land, the luxury features that include an infrared sauna room, balconies, the outdoor hot tub, or the ambience and the homey vibe. But whatever you are into when looking for a home—we are pretty sure you will find it in the Calgary Blueridge Estates.

Calgary Location

When looking for a home—location is everything. That wouldn’t be a problem for this house. It is located in Rural Rocky View County in Alberta, where you can experience the tranquility of country living but the convenience of being within the city limits. Public transportation is accessible, and it is just 5 minutes away from the Tuscany LRT, schools, and shopping centres.
19 Blueridge Pl (140 of 213)
Just look at the enormous space surrounding this beautiful home. This amount of space surrounding a location of nearly 7,000 square feet defines Calgary luxury. Picture the comfort, the breath of fresh air, the happy memories you and your family would share, and feel what it really means to live in luxury real estate.
If you wish to walk on trails and enjoy nature, you can go to walking trails and take in a breath of fresh air to start your day. Plus, getting to golf courses, universities, SAIT, sports facilities, libraries, and movie theaters will only take short drives.
With 360-degree views of Calgary surrounding the home, it’s like anywhere you look you can see an endless ocean of clouds, the beautiful sunrise, sunset, the colors changing hue. There are a million words to describe this home even upon entering, but the best word to describe it is “dreamy.”
Every angle is nothing short of perfect. Even from a far, this Calgary luxury home showcases elegance with a slight hint of a traditional family-style home on an entirely different level.

This house is prominent and spacious—but it will never overwhelm you because each feature, every detail, and every nook and cranny has a specific purpose. The designers and everyone who worked to put this Calgary luxury real estate in the rural Rocky View County to life took their sweet time in perfecting it.

It’s pretty obvious that a lot of time was put into it—creating one of the best Calgary Luxury Homes, not just in Canada but on a worldwide scale. If you could be anyplace in the world right now, you would only wish to spend your time at home if you lived in this house.

Calgary Luxury Real Estate

The Calgary Luxury Home of Your Dreams

Million Dollar Calgary

Calgary Luxury real estate is not just about living in a 6-bedroom/5-bathroom home that sits on 2.7 acres of land with stunning views just by looking out the window— luxury is also about having one of the best locations and access to the city, good internet reception, and access to everything you need but also having the privacy and seclusion when you want it.

The location sells itself, but if that is not enough the home itself is nothing short of perfect. The build quality is outstanding. The home might look like any traditional estate but every feature does serve its purpose and was put there for a reason—giving an entirely different meaning to living.

There are not a lot of homes for sale that compares to this particular home. Whether you check for houses for sale in Calgary, real estate for sale in the rural Foothills county, or anywhere else in the real estate market—you would have a hard time finding anything like it in luxury homes for sale listings!

you would probably never find the peace and quiet, the bonding activities, and the extensive list of memories you can make living in this home.

If you look for luxury homes for sale on your search engine or through real estate agencies—something as stunning as this Calgary AB home wouldn’t show up. And consider yourself lucky just being able to see it in person or pictures.

19 Blueridge Pl (55 of 213)

Endless Family Bonding

There is a saying that you get what you pay for, and with this Calgary Alberta Rocky View County rural home—you probably get more! One of the most significant rewards of living in Calgary luxury estates and million-dollar homes, particularly this home is being together and bonding with your family with endless activities! And not many homes for sale offer that kind of priceless luxury.

Take a second to imagine living in this prominent yet cosy home. Your kids have a ton of space for activities in and out of the house. They can choose to play in the spacious upstairs family room or play outside. You can play catch, play team sports, or even battle each other out at the tennis court! And yes, you read that right—there is a tennis court.

In addition, there is a sauna room and lounge where you and your friends can enjoy sipping a bottle of your favorite wine, lounge in the waiting area, and take turns in the sauna. If you thought that the perfect home does not exist—think again! You will learn more about the home’s most notable features later as we take you on a virtual tour around this spacious home that does not fall short of giving homey vibes to anyone who would be lucky to live in it.

Calgary Luxury Real Estate

The Calgary Luxury Home of Your Dreams

Calgary Luxury Homes Virtual Home Tour

Now, let’s start talking a look into one of the best Calgary luxury homes for sale, and journey through a series of high-quality photos that describe the home visually. We will start from the entrance to the exterior and finally enter this wonderland that you might call your home soon enough!

This series of high-quality photos will enable viewers to identify the quality of this almost 7,000 square foot lot and from floor to ceiling.

Calgary Luxury Real Estate

The Calgary Luxury Home of Your Dreams

Rural Rocky View County
Calgary Alberta Home

It might not be like the conventional open house you are used to when looking for properties for sale, but we will make sure to entertain and show you everything you need and want to see from the main floor to all of this home’s most notable details. And believe us, there is no other home you want to live in if you are looking for a place for you and your happy family in Calgary AB!

Let’s get to it!

The Exterior

When looking for a home—location is everything. That wouldn’t be a problem for this house. It is located in Rural Rocky View County in Alberta, where you can experience the tranquility of country living but the convenience of being within the city limits. Public transportation is accessible, and it is just 5 minutes away from the Tuscany LRT, schools, and shopping centres.
As you advance through the main driveway entrance. You will immediately fall in love with the road leading up to the front of the home. This driveway can be the place where you teach your kids to drive for the first time, or learn to ride a bike.

The entrance alone gives off a lovely suburban homey vibe. It is the kind of space ideal for children to grow up in and still have close access to schools, shopping centres, libraries, and more! This home features most of what families look for when browsing properties for sale.

The home exterior might look like a traditional-style Calgary estate with a gorgeous landscape, picturesque panoramic mountain views, and lovely green trees surrounding it, but wait until we reach the interior—where you can find a mix of classic and modern features.
As we walk around the house, you will find a full-sized tennis court where you and the family can get a little competitive while working on your cardio. Without even reaching the inside, you already know that you can expect a lot more surprises. The well-planned design and impeccable architecture goes well with the landscaped forest—which is one of its most unparalleled features.

Front Façade

The front façade features the main entrance, a Romeo and Juliet-esque balcony—very traditional! To the left is the main garage that can two vehicles and an even bigger semi detached garage door with space for another two vehicles.
If you don’t have that many vehicles, your guests can definitely benefit from all the semi detached garage space—not to mention the tons of guest parking outside with tons of sq ft. Throwing huge parties at this luxury home is convenient for everyone.
You can also probably use the extra space in the garage for automotive activities, woodworking, painting, and a lot more. Basically, you can use the extra garage space for indoor activities that you can’t do in the main house.
The garage also has tons of beautifully made storage spaces for all your tools, donation boxes, power tools, shovels, bikes, toys, and a lot more. The garage alone occupies a ton of space for storage and more— and as you can see in the photo, it even comes with a built-in workstation if you are the DIY type!

We haven’t even shown you what’s inside one of the best Calgary Luxury homes yet! Real estate professionals are also welcome to take a tour with us. You could use a gorgeous home in your real estate listings! Plus, luxury properties like this one don’t come every day.


Main Floor Entrance and Foyer

The beautiful main entrance leads in to a fairytale-like circular foyer—which will remind you of almost every teen movie you watched when the leading lady comes down the stairs while their prom date awaits. Calgary Alberta is home to a lot of luxury real estate, but homes made with so much detail and quality like this one is hard to find.

Living Room

The living room on the main floor is a versatile space with large windows and stunning views. It is an excellent place to hangout while waiting for meals or watch your favourite shows and movies together as a family for movie nights!

Kitchen and Dining Area

Everyone who loves to cook would expect a spacious kitchen in Calgary luxury homes, and in any home for that matter. The kitchen on the main floor provides tons of storage space for your all your kitchen gadgets, and a spacious area for preparing meals.

Formal Dining Room

Whether you feel like dining in the breakfast area or formal dining room—the amount of sq ft is abundant.

Guest Washroom Main Floor

If you have guests, they can use this spacious washroom to take care of their business in peace, without having to go inside the master’s bedroom on the main floor.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is pretty standard, but it is pretty spacious—enabling you to do the laundry and fold the clothes comfortably.

Main Floor Office

The home office in the main level is common in Calgary luxury real estate. However, this particular home is spacious enough to be a bedroom. If you do a lot of work at home, you can become more productive with this much space with an amazing view of Calgary Alberta.

Master’s Bedroom

There is only one bedroom on the main floor, and it is the largest one. It is reserved for the owner or owners of the house—and that could be you!
This spacious room is sports an elegant colour with astonishing woodwork. This room also has the most spacious bathroom, which is definitely made to spend a lot of time in.

2nd Floor

Now, let’s climb up to the second floor and have a look at the many spaces to explore on this floor.
This is the common area on the second floor, which is another place where family members can hang out. The 2nd floor also has a common balcony, which only shows that this house is versatile when it comes to common areas and living spaces.

Panorama Guest Room

The family room will probably your favourite area of this house for sale in Calgary. It features a large window with a stunning view of the city from the hills. The space, the details, and the salmon-coloured walls are definitely the highlights of this room.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

All bedrooms look different with different colour themes and accent walls. This home has some of the most versatile and unique rooms in the Calgary real estate market.

Green Room

Not all bedrooms have a balcony, and if you enjoy the fresh air in the morning, this bedroom might be a good fit.

Beige Room

This bedroom might be the smallest one in this Calgary Alberta home, but it definitely does not appear that way, thanks to the lovely beige theme.
The beige and green room share the same view and the same bath—perfect for growing siblings to still bond while having separate rooms for privacy.

Pink Room

We like to call this bedroom the princess bedroom because of its baby pink walls, extra-large dresser, and vanity mirror. It is definitely an excellent choice if you have a little girl.

Purple Room

This room sports a light purple, almost-plum interior that is very soothing. The gender-neutral colour makes it an excellent bedroom for anyone of your kids or housemates.
Just like the green and beige room, the pink and purple room also shares a common balcony and bathroom.


Now that we have explored the main floor, let’s take these stairs going into the basement, and discover more space for activities and more.

Basement Living Room

Because this Calgary Alberta luxury real estate home occupies a significant amount of sq ft, you already know that there is a lot of living spaces aside from the bedrooms. The first living area on the main floor is very spacious. And as you can see in the photo, you can put in a giant sofa set in front of the fireplace, add side tables, and other decorations—and still have tons of space to move around.
The furnace and wall is built with shelves for curating your favorite display pieces for guests to see. The woodwork is absolutely stunning, and you can expect to see a lot of this gorgeous woodwork throughout the home—making one of the most detailed works in the Calgary real estate market.
In the housing market, everything from the built-in shelves to the floor enables home buyers to identify the quality of a home—and so far, this home luxury Calgary Alberta home is very impressive.

Recreational Space

The extra space in the living room can be transformed into a game room. It is large enough to put a foosball table, a Ping-Pong table, or even a full-sized pool table. In the photo, it is filled with large Monstera plants, and you even have an upright piano leaning on one wall. This goes to show how spacious this area is.

Bar Area

If you thought the living room tour was over, well homes in the Rural Foothills County in Calgary Alberta wouldn’t be complete without a full-sized bar. The bar is filled with tones of shelves, storage space, counter space for making drinks, a sink, and a wine cooler!

Basement Bedroom

This bedroom is the best option for kids. It is built with storage for books to ensure that their mind is well-nurtured. Calgary AB and Calgary real estate offers some of the best homes for family, and this house is a primary example.

Furnace Room

We all know that the winter can be really harsh with sub-zero temperatures. If that is the case, you and the family can spend time in the furnace room to enjoy the heat.

Hot Tub

When you walk out back, you will find one of the most relaxing spots in this home. This Calgary Alberta home features a hot tub with a lounge where you can unwind and relax and enjoy the jets massaging your back.

The Patio

If you feel like dining outdoors and enjoy the sunshine while having breakfast or brunch, you and the family or visitors can wine and dine at the patio—while enjoying the stunning view of Calgary.

Other Features

This home features an intercom system, sound system, stylish blinds, crystal chandeliers, designer rapes, detailed woodwork, high-quality doors, a security system, and brand-new air conditioning systems—making it not just one of the most gorgeous homes in Calgary Albert—but also one of the most complete options that make it easy for real estate professionals to sell.

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